Give Your Curb Appeal a Boost

Give Your Curb Appeal a Boost

Hire us for vinyl siding installation services in Monroe, CT and surrounding areas

Beautiful siding can instantly boost your home's curb appeal and property value. Voak, LLC provides professional vinyl siding installation and repair services in Monroe, CT and surrounding areas. We can install and repair all types of siding for residential and commercial buildings.

We work with multiple different suppliers to find siding that fits your style and budget needs. In addition to installing your new siding, our team also handles all the prep work.

Call us today at 203-685-7303 to speak with a team member about vinyl siding installation services.

5 signs you need siding repair

Not only is damaged siding an eyesore, but it's also a hazard. It can lead to more issues for your home, including pest infestations and water damage problems. Reach out to us for siding repair if you notice any of these five signs:

  1. Rotting or warping siding
  2. Cracked or loose siding
  3. Fungus, mold or mildew
  4. Bubbles in the siding
  5. Holes in the siding

Schedule a siding repair with us, and we'll fix your siding in no time.